Small, spherical Eight Ball Squash are the cutest summer squash a-round. (See what I did there?! Round?? Carrying on … )

Harvested anywhere from tennis ball (or eight ball) size on up to grapefruit, Eight Ball Squash is a type of zucchini that, instead of growing in a cylinder shape, grows plump and round. Smooth, dark green, and lightly speckled, they’re perfect for stuffing, slicing for zucchini pizza bites, or grilling (larger slabs = easier to grill!)

TASTE: Mild, a little buttery, slightly nutty, a little grassy/vegetal

FAVORITE PREPARATIONS: I love these Eight Ball Zucchini Pizza Bites!

ALSO KNOWN AS: Eight Ball Zucchini (yellow varieties are known as One Ball and paler green as Cue Ball)

Eight Ball Squash Nutrition & Benefits

Like zucchini, Eight Ball Squash is high in Vitamin A and also a good source of Vitamin C, Manganese, Potassium, Magnesium, and Vitamin K. (source)

How to Select Eight Ball Squash

Smaller eight ball squash will be more tender, but they’re delicious up to grapefruit size too. Look for firm skin without dents or blemishes and squash that are heavy for their size.

How to Cook Eight Ball Squash

Most of the time, you can cook it just like you do any zucchini. The best part about Eight Ball Squash is that you can hollow them out and stuff them – so cute.

Favorite Eight Ball Squash Recipes

  • Eight Ball Zucchini Pizza Bites (recipe coming soon!) take advantage of the larger slabs you can get from Eight Ball Zucchini
  • This Stuffed Round Zucchini recipe from Running to the Kitchen is the perfect example of the stuffed version. So cute.
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