A silky smooth, old-fashioned-tasting heirloom pumpkin, Winter Luxury Pumpkin is a favorite for pie bakers everywhere.

ALSO KNOWN AS: Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkin; Winter Luxury Squash; Livingston’s Pie Squash

TASTE: Sweet with true pumpkin flavor


Winter Luxury Pumpkin

About Winter Luxury Pumpkin

On the smaller side, similar in size to sugar pumpkins, Winter Luxury Pumpkins weigh in at around 4-5 pounds each, though some claim they can grow up to 8 pounds (I just haven’t ever seen them that large personally).

Perfectly round, the outside is unique among pumpkins – bright, true pumpkin orange but with bumpy, cork-like tan stripes.

Introduced by Johnson & Stokes in 1893 (source), they are one of the most popular varieties for pies. Bakers seek out the sweet, dense pumpkin for pies that are velvety smooth and sweet with true old-fashioned pumpkin flavor.

Nutrition & Benefits

Are winter luxury pumpkins healthy? Yes! Like most pumpkins and squashes, it’s a low-calorie, nutrient-rich powerhouse. Its bright orange flesh is chockfull of antioxidants which help prevent chronic disease, along with vitamins A and C, potassium, and fiber. Winter luxury pumpkins also contain carotenoids, which may protect against cancer (source).

How to Select Them

Choose a winter luxury pumpkin that is heavy for its size, with a smooth, firm exterior and no mushy spots. One of the downsides (possibly the only downside) of this unique pumpkin is that they don’t keep as long as other pumpkins and squashes, so check carefully that yours is still fresh.

Store in cool and dry conditions for the longest-lasting pumpkins.

A pile of Winter Luxury Pumpkins at market

How to Cut Winter Luxury Pumpkins

With their somewhat thin skin, these pumpkins are pretty easy to peel. Because I like to use the puree in pies and other baked goods, I usually leave the skin on and give winter luxury pumpkins the pumpkin puree treatment.

No matter how you cut your pumpkin, start with a sharp knife and create a flat spot for stability. I like to cut off the stem, set the flat spot on the cutting board, then cut in half from there.

Favorite Winter Luxury Pumpkin Recipes

Can Dogs Eat Winter Luxury Pumpkin?

Yes! According to the ASPCA, pumpkins and squash are safe for dogs. In fact, many feed pumpkin to their dogs regularly for the health benefits. I have read that seeds and skin can be questionable, so keep it to the flesh to be safe. (Apparently, this question is searched a lot, so I thought I would include it here!)

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