What’s the difference between zucchini and cucumber? Well, they’re both green, oblong in shape, grow in the summer, and are a part of the gourd family. But when comparing zucchini vs. cucumber, there are more differences than similarities.

There are, in fact, many key differences between cucumber and zucchini – please don’t use them interchangeably, you’ll likely regret it!

A pile of zucchini and a pile of cucumber with the text "zucchini," "vs.," and "cucumber"


Zucchini – also known as courgette or baby marrow depending on where you live – is a summer squash with a thin green skin, oblong shape, and mild green flavor. The skin ranges in color from pale green to deep forest green and often sports little lighter green dots or stripes which help to differentiate it visually from cucumber. The skin is tender and edible – you don’t peel a zucchini.

Pile of zucchini

Zucchini has seeds, but they’re less pronounced than those inside a cucumber. Texture wise, zucchini is creamy. Inside, zucchini’s flesh ranges creamy white to yellow in color. It tastes mild and while it can be eaten raw, most prefer it cooked.


Cucumbers – sometimes affectionately called “cukes,” are also oblong and green. The skin is generally not as tender as zucchini and is usually peeled off before the cucumber is eaten, depending on the variety of cucumber (English cucumbers, for instance, have a more tender skin that generally pleasant to eat so you may not want to peel it).

Pile of cucumbers

Cucumber flesh ranges in color from white to very pale green. It’s generally eaten raw and has a strong, refreshing taste with a crisp, pleasant bite. Both cucumber and zucchini have a high water content – about 95% each. But I think cucumber is much more refreshing and actually seems like it’s a lot higher in rate content.

Zucchini vs. Cucumber: A Chart of Similarities ✅ and Differences ❌

FamilyCucurbitaceae ✅Cucurbitaceae ✅
Scientific nameCucurbita pepo ❌Cucumis sativus ❌
ColorGreen ✅Green ✅
SkinSmooth ❌Bumpy ❌
Grows in … Summer ✅Summer ✅
Best eatenCooked ❌Raw ❌
GrowsOn non-creeping vines ❌On creeping vines ❌
Water contentApproximately 95% ✅Approximately 95% ✅

And those are the differences when comparing zucchini vs. cucumbers! What did I miss? Share in the comments below!

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